Valldemur Pre-school and School in Barberà de la Conca - ZER Conca de Barberà

We suggest an interior and exterior arrangement with a language that will help to understand the building only with the establishment and volumetry observation.


The plot and the entry are worked in three levels: street, building and playgrounds.


The back part of the classroom case is in relation with the playgrounds by several porches that act as solar protection. The porch in the common spaces case put the main playground in frame and lets the entry to the multipurpose room.


Children's classrooms have a toilet case their own, separated from the classroom by a sliding door that lets the visual relation between toilet and classroom, and another door that permits the direct access from the outside. The direct exit from the classrooms to the playground is solved with a sliding window. 


The circulation shaft goes from east side to west side and articulates all the pieces. A door in the middle of this shaft lets the distinction with the library and the computing room from the rest, so that they can be used independently in courses or out-of-school activities.


The secretary's office acts as a ball joint, because it connects all the circulations in the school.

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Elevations and sections

location : Barberà de la Conca

promoter : Generalitat de Catalunya - Departament d'Ensenyament

architect : Guillem Carrera

structure : Andreu Ibañez

systems : Lerso Enginyers

collaborators : Eva Crespo, Edgar Argemí, Meritxell Anglès, Xavier Foraste 

project's year : 2007

surface : 954 m2

photograph : Guillem Carrera

awards and recognitions : 1st prize of the Contest for the new construction of the Center for Early Childhood and Primary Education ZER - Conca de Barberà, de Barberà de la Conca, 2006