Leisure activity complex in Athens

Building / Park relation 

Singular location: It takes part in the sport-leisure strip and it join water circuits.

The park is a visual spot that the project wants to see avobe the second floor.In the main floor the direct visual is the road. The green strip alleviate this proximity.

From the inside of the building. the park is almost all seen, due to its light slope.


Building-maritime promenade relation

Visual spot in the end of maritime promenade and auctioning element of this strip.

Connection, continuity and transparency in pedestrian routes on the main floor.

Maritime promenade as a visual benefit concept from the inside of the building.

Building integration in existing promenade line-ups and in building proportions which take part in.

Contribution of two public spaces with a different concept at the end of promenade: a public square and a semi-public square. 


Public use in a private equipment

Minimum contact on main floor to avoid excessive fronts.

Locate the interior leisure and benefit spaces in a way to gaining customers.

Separate public and private circulation. Independent vertical nucleous communication.

Pedestrian and vehicle easy acces.


Three strips, guidelines and line ups

Green strip mitigate the road proximity.

Services strip arrange the current surroundings in two leisure spaces, and it offers transparency on the main floor.

Leisure strip have the created spaces in plot. Each area has a different benefit outdoor space visual. 



Permeability, circulations and tensions

The will of creating permeability on the main floor, with the nearest surroundings.

Permeability in interior spaces lining up and  direccion, by the leisure strip arrangement.

Permeability in promenade lining up and direction, by the leisure strip arrangement.



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Elevations and sections


Constructive details



location : Atenes, Grècia

author of the final project : Guillem Carrera

project's year : 2004

university : ETSAB - UPC