Edifici Santa Fe

Santa Fe is an apartment building in the 60's in XXth century, which present a noticeable rationalist character, due to the time it was projected and built.


More than forty years without maintenance had been showed up the need to rehabilitate the building facades and roof.


The intervention is planned to go further of the constructive and structural repair. In a compositional level, balcony railings are replaced by ones with a specific design, and also the original shutters: it is decided to unify in white all the superficial finishes.


The building is projected with a global image and using a language according to the current architectural trend, matching the use of new materials and the existing, and reinforcing its rationalist original character.

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location : Cambrils

promoter : Private

architect : Guillem Carrera, Miquel Orellana

collaborators : Ruben Heras

constructor : Constècnia

project's year : 2006

end of construction : 2011

photograph : Guillem Carrera