Multiópticas Teixidó

Depth, light, clarity, space and an only main unified space. They are concepts that this commercial establishment located in the main floor in Banc Atlàntic Builging -the tallest one in city and near to the center-, did not have in its previous state.


Preexisting interior presented a shop window that did not allow to see anything more that the exposed, a fragmented interior where some spaces did not allow the visual continuation to other spaces, three levels separated by steps (the street, first interior level and second interior level) which did not permit a fluid and an accessible circulation, a symmetric spatial organization that usually concentrated clients just behind the main entrance -hindering circulation-, furniture with traditional finishes and shapes in dark colors, lighting generating a large energy waste, false ceiling set under necessary for facilities with several artificial shapes, and several interior pavements and wall coverings that did not show this establishment  potential.


The intervention suggests to eliminate architectural barriers on first floor, unify the public attention area in an only diaphanous multifunctional space, create an organizing asymmetry moving the counter to the right part, finding the establishment's global spatial perception from the outside, set functional show windows and furniture in the space perimeter, so that they won't interrupt the visuals or the circulations areas, install a unifying false ceiling with led lightning, and add to pavement and wall coverings some finishings which meant to be warm. All this changes permit to notice a spacious, functional and welcoming establishment for the clients as well as workers.

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Elevations and sections

Initial state images

location : Tarragona

promoter : Multiópticas Teixidó

architect : Guillem Carrera

interior designer : Josep Maria Crespi

systems : Ecotec Enginyers SLP

collaborators : Judit Cort

project's year : 2014

end of construction : 2015

surface : 160 m2

photograph : Cristina Serra