Agricultural office and Credit section of the Agricultural cooperative of La Canonja

Located between Raval and Marina Streets, the building was a built in the sixties of XXth century.


It is suggested to get a building's representative image, which involves the user -mostly farmers and member of the cooperative- who wants to be identified with the spaces in the building, without forgetting this urban and social position of the building taking part in the urban texture.


In facades, it is suggested an architectural updating work. Back facade is completely opened to the exterior in order to let the natural light in from the street, and let when necessary, natural crossing ventilation. It is also possible for the user to cross the space completely. The result release the main floor and shows a unified and lightning office, which promotes the space sensation without forgetting any necessary element for the workers.


The asymmetry controls the main space: meanwhile the furniture hide the material and hold warm the room, the retroilluminated panel show the users some details which make mention of farmers job.

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Elevations and sections

location : La Canonja

promoter : Agricultural Cooperative and Credit Section of La Canonja

architect : Guillem Carrera

structure : Francesc Gorgas

collaborators : Eva Crespo,  Meritxell Anglès, Xavier Foraste, Carme Ruiz

constructor : Construcciones Fernando Nava SL

project's year : 2008

end of construction : 2010

surface : 90 m2

photograph : Guillem Carrera

awards and recognitions : Selected work at VI Biennal d’Arquitectura Alejandro de la Sota 2009