Sports Pavilion in Vila-Seca

Municipal sports pavilion interior refurbishment and exterior pitch covering.


It is suggested to refurbish the hall in order to become a warm and spacious piece in the pavilion. Regarding the access to stands, it is suggested to adequate the stairs in order to they could include a lift. New finishes will have continuity from hall to changing rooms' corridor and all rooms. 


Regarding false ceilings of  sheet verdigris, they are suggested to be replaced by a new one which gives continuity with the interior wall coverings in the pitch space. This new false ceiling will be composed by wood strips, which can increase the acoustic comfort, and it will be set in a higher position, in order to return to this architectural space its tectonic significance with its trusses.


The project of the exterior pitch covering it is faced firstly with the functional sense of listing all those purposes that are supposed to be integrated in the building. Those purposes are: total covering in the horizontal plane, protecting the pitch from the weather, protecting the pitch laterally in the advisable faces, connecting the exterior pitch with the pavilion by the existent openings and entrances, maintain the rock climbing area and the metal structure, maintain the existent pavement and the perimeter fence.


After analysing surroundings, it is considered that the proposal has to adjust itself with the pavilion architecture and its surroundings: educational and sports campus in Vila-Seca. The purpose has to adjust itself in the landscape and the urban texture where it is set, and it has to be respectful with the outdoors that encloses it.


Based on the premises described, it is suggested to build a light covering structure, which gets the pavement in a pillar shape. This covering is formed by several metal trusses as the main structure and metal profiles as the secondary structure. For the roof finish is suggested a screen composed by two aluminum sheets and a plastic nucleus that could act as thermal isolation. This will be a prefabricated material with a light finish, with big rigidity to flexion, outdoors resistant and with fast installation.


The final shaping is the result of the aim of integrating the rock climbing area in the new structure, covering the exterior pavilion stairs, connecting visually the users and the surrounding and adding cross ventilation to the space. It is also the result of generating natural light in the covered space, where the light comes in by the skylights located between trusses.


Finally, is specially emphasized the visual connection of the covered pitch with the nearest surroundings, by a descend degrading the facade from opaque to transparent.

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Plans and elevations


Conceptual structure and volumetry

location : Vila-Seca

promoter : Vila-Seca Town Hall

architect : Guillem Carrera

collaborators : Daniel Marcelo, Indibil Solans 

project's year : 2014

surface : 2052 m2

infographic : Guillem Carrera

awards and recognitions : 3rd prize of the Contest for the interior rehabilitation of the municipal sports hall and cover of the annexed outer court of Vila-Seca, 2014