Casa CL

Aitona is a town located in Lleida plain, in a place mostly destined to farming and rural world.


The plot is in the town centre limit, in an area destined to be occupied by single family houses. In this area it is also found farming constructions, so that the plot is located in between an urban landscape and a rural one.


The building volume is proposed in U shape, so that it could structure and organize the relation between its interior spaces with the outdoors. With the will of the main spaces, as the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the main bedroom, could participate and had a direct relation with the terrace and with the largest outdoor space in the plot. Whereas the supporting spaces such as guest rooms, the bathrooms and the entrance, are focused on the smallest area in the outdoors.  


It is proposed an allocation on the main floor where the kitchen, the dining and living room and a bathroom make the day area; and three bedrooms and a second bathroom make the night area. 


Wood is a natural, ecological and renewable product, as well as a great thermal and acoustic insulation and a regulating humidity. To construct this dwelling it has been used red Finnish pine, extracted from controlled and reforested forests, in the structure as well as in facades and partitions. Thermal insulation used is recycled cellulose, coming from newspaper.


The building has been realized by passive architecture criteria. Air extraction and air entrance are made by a double flow system that ensures the foul air extraction in the kitchen and bathrooms. At the same time, it  gets new air from the outside and insufflates it to the bedrooms and to the living room. New air and foul air are filtrated. New air enter home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  


Regarding materiality, it is proposed to generate a cozy, friendly home and connected with the outdoors by openings and using neutral colors and warm color wood.







Conceptual axonometry

location : Aitona

promoter : Private

architect : Guillem Carrera

building engineer : Jose Ignacio Cacho

systems : Natxo Baños

energy : Jordi Barreto

topography : Top Ten SL 

geotechnics : Geotec Estudis Geotècnics i Mediambientals SL

collaborators : Edgar Argemí, Meritxell Anglès

constructor : Casas Ecotec

project's year : 2011

end of construction : 2014

surface : 122 m2

photograph : Casas Ecotec, Guillem Carrera

publications : ArchidiariesConcept 252, La Vanguardia