Cases La Mora

Building is located in La Mora, in a triangular plot with a 543,27m2 surface, a 29.476% slope and with good views through the mediterranean fields that take part in the surroundings of an old country house.


The building is planned as a projecting exercise of two mate dwellings with the will of not renouncing the contemporary projecting guidelines, although being a classical built typology.


It is suggested to integrate built volumetry in the land. It's compositive structure is articulated by two communication nucleus that support the project in two dwelling plans and a commercial/parking plan.


Interior spaces look to the got visuals: those created by the outdoor spaces in the plot and those in the surroundings. It's interior-exterior perspective changes depending on the use in every room.





Conceptual axonometry

location : Tarragona

promoter : Private

architect : Guillem Carrera

building engeneer : Meritxell Anglès, Manel Mata

structure : Xavier Aguado

energy and systems : Jordi Barreto, Eva Crespo

home automation : Pentadom Edificios Inteligentes SL

collaborators : Eva Crespo, Meritxell Anglès, Xavier Foraste, Lola Tous, Edgar Argemí

constructor : Tous Márquez SL, Construccions Salvat Jové SL  

project's year : 2006

end of construction : 2010  

surface : 743 m2

photograph : Cristina Serra, Guillem Carrera

publications : Concept 252